Quantum HDR


The Elegance Quantum HDR screen combines our proven second generation Symphony flocked alloy frame with our new exclusive next generation dynamic range expanding silver material to provide viewers with the ultimate Ultra HD Premium HDR content experience. This unique material features a heterogeneous multilayered architecture constructed via cutting edge quantum and nanotech processes resulting in 50% deeper blacks and a 100% improvement in perceived contrast ratios. As a nice bonus, the directional image quality enhancement qualities of the Quantum HDR screen also moderately reduces the reflection of ambient light, allowing you to use your projector in a larger range of lighting conditions than with standard matte white material surfaces.

Being a screen that features a Symphony derived frame, the other key advantages of the Symphony over competitor products are its enhanced frame rigidity and heightened border absorption levels.

No Ordinary Frame

Standard frames from leading competitors utilise outdated 4 segment corner joining that is susceptible to bowing after long periods of service. The Symphony, however, features our newing redesigned 6 segment, 7 vertex figure 8 aluminium extrusion layout complete with a midsection vertical reinforcement bar, ensuring no bowing even after decades of proud ownership.

Maximum Border Absorption Comes Standard

Whereas others ship out screens with semi-reflective hard surface borders that only partially mask light overflow and demand surcharges for a properly masked border, all Symphony screens come standard with seamlessly applied Velour borders that are fully absorbant to give you the sharpest visual edges out of the box – because we care.

Additional information

Frame width


Screen material

Elegance DRX 0.9 Gain

Mounting system

Elegance HRM rear mounted hidden sliding rail hanging system + Elegance T40+ multi-point material tensioning system


Diagonal Inches
Picture Area W x H
Total Size W x H
1772 x 997
1892 x 1117
1883 x 1059
2003 x 1179
2031 x 1146
2151 x 1266
2215 x 1246
2335 x 1366
2436 x 1371
2556 x 1491
2657 x 1495
2777 x 1615
2879 x 1620
2999 x 1740
3101 x 1744
3221 x 1864
3321 x 1869
3441 x 1989
1871 x 797
1991 x 917
1988 x 846
2108 x 966
2151 x 916
2271 x 1036
2338 x 996
2458 x 1116
2572 x 1095
2692 x 1215
2806 x 1194
2926 x 1314
3039 x 1294
3159 x 1414
3273 x 1393
3393 x 1513

All measurements are in milimetres for general reference only. Please contact Elegance Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or ignored at the integrator’s discretion. Elegance Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.


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